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Promoting wellness
individualized programs and integrative life coaching

Promoting wellness
individualized programs and integrative life coaching


About Us



 I believe that the human body is the most efficient organism in existence. In balance, the human body is capable accomplishing the most amazing feats. Not the least of which is healing itself. At Brambles, we strive to provide our customers and community a comfortable, non-threatening environment in which to explore and learn how to use the tools found in nature to nurture and support our bodies and to aid in achieving and maintaining the balance we crave.   



 As a Master Herbalist, I am available to answer your questions regarding herbs, health and our products. I also offer personalized education and support through our Road to Wellness and Total Integrative Healing programs. The Road to Wellness program is a multi-step plan that includes a comprehensive, individualized strategy that combines specific herbal recommendations, nutritional and lifestyle support, along with one-on-one consultations. Our Total Integrative Healing includes the same individualized planning as The Road to Wellness, but is a much more thorough program that helps you to uncover your deeper mental and emotional needs through a multi-week Life Coaching program.